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Mark Murray

Mark is the organization's lead advocate and oversees the operation of both Californians Against Waste and Californians Against Waste Foundation. Mark joined the organization in 1987 and was appointed the Executive Director in 1994. Mark is recognized as one of the environmental community's leading experts on waste prevention and recycling policies. Over the past 20 years, Mark has helped draft many of California's solid waste and recycling laws. Mark has served on numerous local, state and national environmental advisory boards and commissions.

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Mark attended Humboldt State University on California's northcoast, where he gained an appreciation for the natural environment, along with a great education.

When Mark is not working to save the planet, he can be found playing with his three children. Mark is also an avid long distance runner and triathlete. He has completed more than 30 marathons and ultra-marathons. In 2005, he finished 15th at the National 50k Trail Championships, and won the Clarksburg 20 miler. In 2007, he finished 7th at the National Masters 100k Trail Championships, and in 2009 he was the top Masters finisher at the Carlsbad Marathon. In 2010, Mark completed the Western States 100, from Squaw Valley to Auburn in just over 22 hours.

Dan Weintraub wrote a series about Mark Murray for the Orange County Register in 2000. Read the series below.

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